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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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miraculous rescue. a missing san francisco man is found alive after spending two day usa loan in the snowy and frigid sierra. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is off tonight. 26-year-old abraham was found alive. searchers were trying to find him since he was separated from his area and his runners, fellow boarders rather near castle peak. he survived by using his snowboard and debris to build a shelter. he wandered on his snowboard until he found a residence near soda springs this evening. the sheriff's department says he has super official frostbite, but he should be okay. and that was not the only rescue in the sierra. a modesto man was found alive as well. he was training with a group
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of fellow runners on sunday when he got lost. a search crew found him in a snow bank after noon today. despite spending three nights in the cold wearing light running clothes, friends say he has no signs of frostbite. in fact, he may be back out running this week. now to the weather here. all of that rain, lightning thunder and even snow and hail. here is a live look from our exploratorium camera where we can still see clouds over the city. sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd tracking the storm. >> it has been one, wild day. as you look at live doppler 7hd, we are still picking up some lightning strikes south of the bay area. it is northeast of salinas. and they are still not out of the question. we are seeing lighter returns around san francisco peninsula , east bay and check out what is happening around mount ham a milton. the pinks and the purples indicating a mixed precipitation.
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mount ham a milton has seen some some -- mount hamilton has seen some snow and ace show you a computer animation, you will see what is coming for your morning commute. we will continue to see the showers pulling through. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, you will still need those umbrellas. the showers will wind down and it is going to be just as intense as this one. >> happening in san francisco a clean up effort is underway after a huge tree came down taking the power lines with it. it has shutdown a block of the road near eureka. pg&e crews are also responding to get the power restored as we speak. as is so often the case in these storms, the folks in the santa cruz mountains take the brunt of it. lisa amin gulezian is live at the summit tonight. they got it all there. >> reporter: very true. it is a mixed bag for sure.
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it is very cold here. still no snow is expected, but the rain will continue off and on for several more hours. a heavy, steady rain pounded the santa cruz mountains. windshield wipers were on full blast and drivers were careful. in fell ton grove, it took a beating, but not enough to cause major flooding and in boulder creek. the rain drove in the customers. >> we have some emergency ponchos and people camping in the big basin and we weren't quite prepared. >> the rain had the opposite effect at this baskin-robbins in scots veil. >> because of spring break we would see a lot more kids in here and parents with their kids coming from the beach. since it has been so rainy right now, it has been pretty
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slow. >> even once the rain stopped in the sun and this rainbow came out, ice cream still was at the top of mind for most in the mountains today. >> and i have spoken to several law enforcement agencies and they expect it to be busy yes, sir than they actually -- bu sigh er than it actually was. they will not let down their guard. chp officers will keep an extra close eye on highway 17 in the next couple hours. live in the santa cruz mountains, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thanks. >> as lisa said, it was cold. how cold was it? the observatory sent us this picture. you can see a dusting of snow. mount hamilton is 4300 feet. it is also -- it also saw some snow yesterday as well. now, in the east bay, hail pelted this man's backyard. look at this. you can hear the marble-sized chunks of ice bouncing off the house as he recorded it sighly.
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as he recorded it safely. a similar scene in wine country today. a downpour of hail hit napa. when the hail stopped the rain kept going. the storm is bringing late season snow to the sierra. it is welcome news for skiers and boarders. you can see the roads are clear, but that can change quickly. right now chains are not required on 80 or 50. but the drivers headed to the mountains always carry them just in case. >> you can track the rain on our abc7 news weather app. you can download it on a a bc7 moving on, a major story tonight, at least five people have been killed in a massive earthquake off the coast of chile. it triggered a tsunami warning that is not expected to affect the coast. the 8.2 magnitude quake struck 60 miles northwest of a ky ke
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at 8:46 local time. that is the tsunami alarm you can hear. it is warning people of a tsunami. the waves are about five and a half feet. people are headed to higher ground in case it gets worse. there is a warning in peru and a tsunami advisory in hawaii. since the initial quake, the usgs has recorded more than a dozen large aftershocks, the most powerful a magnitude 6.2 which is a pretty good sized quake in and of its own right. it may take until daylight to realize how much damage there actually is. a massive quake in chile. tragedy in visitation valley as an explosion and fire tears through a house. an elderly woman is dead and it happened near castillo street early this evening. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is there live. take us through it. >> dan, firefighters have just left the scene of the two-alarm fire which started
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in the top floor of the house here on castillo street. the smoke and flames so intense it claimed the life of a grandmother and forced one man to jump from the second story window. >> it was crazy. the flames were coming out of the window. it was like a dragon inside. >> he shot this video of his neighbor's house on fire. minutes later a man living there jumped from a second floor window. >> he just jumped and it was crazy seeing him laying on the floor full of blood. >> one victim jumped from the window. >> that man and four others were taken to the hospital. 84-year-old jane thompson did not survive. neighbor carlos crespo tried to save her. >> we did everything we could to try to help her. we had to leave it to the firemen. >> the firefighter had could not reach her in time.
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witnesses reported hearing a small explosion before the fire started. >> we have our fire investigators on the scene trying to determine what happened. >> manny chavez arrived to the terrible news. he shared this house with his beloved mother, jane. >> that is our world was her. she is the rock of the family and still will be. >> the red cross will help manny's family find shelter. cornell bernard, abc7 news. developing news now, a federal grand jury has slapped pg&e with 12 charges following a safety investigation launched after the san bruno blast. the indictment accuses the utility of inaccurate record keeping and failing to identify threats to the pipeline. the charges are the result of a three-year investigation following the deadly 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. tonight the city's mayor issued a statement, quote, one of the worst natural gas disasters in history was
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caused by pg&e's gross misconduct. pg&e and the executives would give the harshest penalty to prevent this from happening again. pg&e released a video statement responding to the charges. >> regardless of the next level steps we want all of our customers and their families to know that nothing will distract us on our mission to transform the century old gas system to safest and most reliable gas system in the country. jay a pg&e -- >> a pg&e spokeswoman says the company is not providing additional information or answering questions at this time. pg&e faces a half million dollar fine for each of the 12 charges. the sole winner of the powerball jackpot finally comes forward. next on abc7 news, we are learning more about this mystery man. who is this guy? and why his neighbors say they are shocked. they have been living next to a mega millionaire. >> i felt it. i shut the saw off.
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it was in knee and still running. >> how a 21-year-old tree trimmer survived getting his chain saw stuck in his neck. and we are tracking the storm. here is a look at live doppler 7hd. is this the last of the rain? your full forecast coming up. first here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is some of the foolishness waiting for you after the news. you will always be remembered as a true humanitarian. when you die for real can you write more clearly? >> is my penmanship not good?
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prosecutors called a central figure in the racketeering case involving yee says he was ensnared by the fbi. a political fundraiser and close confidant appeared in court for a bail hearing. his lawyer says jackson is a community activist and that the fbi was, quote, trolling for someone to prosecute. the federal complaint says jackson was involved in drugs, weapons and trafficking and murder for hire. >> there is no murder. there is is no body. there is no corpse. it was in the mind of an fbi agent, several of them. >> jackson's alleged co conspirator is raymond "shrimp boy" chow. chu says five years ago chow went after him and made threats against his life. after chu recommended the city cut funding to a program chow managed. chu was provided with police protection for six months. moving on, a local man wins hundreds of millions of
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dollars and not even his neighbors are the wiser. he claimed his $425 million powerball prize. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson spoke with shocked neighbors about the wind fall next door. >> reporter: there is no prank here. the check he is holding is the real deal. >> do you ever know anybody that wins that money? no. >> i was thinking is this an april fool's? >> he bought the ticket and then february 19th he defied the odds winning the 6th largest jackpot in history. >> it is unbelievable. i'm just so happy. >> he is doing work on his house, but not $425 million worth of work. >> in a news release he said he couldn't sleep after seeing the numbers aligned calling the jackpot unbelievable. since then he organized a legal and financial team.
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his spokesperson says buxton opted for the lump sum playout and plans to set up a charity to fight childhood hunger. >> at the moment he is enjoying the jackpot, but when he comes back he will pus his ne >> when he comes back he will put his nose to the grind stone. >> it hasn't changed him. >> he goes to work at 4:30 in the morning so maybe that will change. i hope so for him. >> in discovery bay, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> congratulations. a man who trims trees for a living somehow survived after getting a chain saw stuck in his neck. an x ray says it all. it barely missed the artery. he says he was cutting branches at an odd angle to avoid power lines when the accident happened. he says he will take a few days off before returning to work. lucky guy. thank goodness he didn't hit the power lines.
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let's talk about the weather. will the rain continue? sand jaw patel is tracking it on live doppler 7hd. it came down solidly. >> it did. it was pouring at times when the thunderstorms developed. we have hail from all over the bay area. live doppler 7hd is still picking up moisture and some thunderstorms, but the thunderstorms are south of our area. mount ham a milton is still looking at -- mount hamilton is looking at mixed precipitation. as we bring you back to the bay area, spotty showers on the peninsula. crossing the golden gate and head nooght east bay, as -- heading into the east bay, as you look, more showers are developing off the coast. we will keep them in the forecast. scattered snow showers. that's good news. from our exploratorium camera,
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still rain drops on our lens here. temperatures are falling a in the midto upper 40s. san francisco 47. 45 currently in san jose. oakland 47. and from our sfo camera, we are still seeing some wet runways there. tomorrow morning could be delays with the scattered showers. 46 in santa rosa and it is 45 in livermore. emeryville camera, watch out for the slick roadways in spots for the morning commute. we will keep the scattered showers in the forecast. isolated thunder is down around the monterey bay is a possibility. snow level is 3,000 feet. partial clearing expected tomorrow afternoon. as you look at the satellite and the radar, this is the second part of the storm. this trough, this low that will be exiting overnight. southern california is getting their share of rain and snow now and they will continue to see that into tomorrow. here is our computer animation. we are still tracking the showers. going into 5:00 a.m., still a few lingering showers around the bay area.
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it could be slow going. and then by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow we are starting to dry out. partly cloudy for the afternoon and isolated showers could still pop up, but highly unlikely seeing much more than that. there is the winter weather advisory for the big sur mountains. we are basically looking at two to five inches for the 3,000 to 4,000 foot elevation. wenter weather advisory is -- winter weather advisory is in effect. not expecting an you cumulating -- an accumulating snow. tomorrow morning a chilly start. you need a jacket or sweater. the temperatures will start out in the upper 30s to the mid40s. make sure you have your umbrellas and don't forget the shades. tomorrow afternoon you will see sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s to the low 60s. we are going to start to see changes in our weather. one more system will go through here on friday. one computer model is keeping it dry and another is bringing
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in light rain. it is sunnier, warmer for the weekend and 70s inland and 80s by monday and tuesday. the last 24 hours we picked up a third to an inch of rain. >> nice, but not a lot. >> from a rainfall perspective, we are still 43 to 52% of average or less. >> that's perspective for you. thanks very much. larry beil is here and warriors talking about it tonight jie. making it rain in dallas. a very happy birthday for one golden state warrior thanks to steph in overtime in big d. sports is next.
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mark jackson turned 49 and the warrior coach got the sweetest birthday present imaginable from steph curry in overtime.
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this evening in dallas the warriors again playing without their big guys. the little guys getting it done. slicing and dicing and had 19 off the bench. dirk nowitzki was feeling dirk. i must break you. 33 points. fourth quarter and dallas up by three. the former warrior with authority. warriors don't fold and klay thompson with three. he had a team high 27 and tied at 108. 30 seconds left and green into o'neil. the slam. he had 20 and we are tied at 120. off balance and deep. gad night, game over -- good night, game over, drive home safely. the warriors win it 122-120. happy birthday, coach. the ice, sharks and the oilers. pavel ski kicks it to thorton. he then feeds burns and then
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banks it home and we are tied at four. it is to patrick marlow and the backhander and he buries it. sharks come back with a victory. nfl news and the former cal star deshawn jackson seened a three-year deal with -- signed a three-year deal with the redskins. they had issues with his attitude and off field associates. it is believed that the 49ers and the raiders the interest in deshawn and instead he goes to washington. when we come back, a giant mishap at homeplate and a giant come back in the elite 8.
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four. stanford was tested at home by north carolina in the elite 8. the cardinal finished strong. jim harbaugh a fan of women's hoops out of uniform. no sweatshirts. calling a wardrobe infraction there. here come the cardinals. stanford down six at the half. jessica washington and the tar teals are up -- tar heels are up. and then 20-10 and stanford survives 74-65. they head to nashville, their 6th final four trip in seven years to face undefeated uconn. the d-backs check out one guy's posting. let me get in here with the girls. he found his spot on fire. a three-run blast and the giants are up 4-0 in the first. what could go wrong?
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matt cain gives the couple back and then in the fourth and the call is safe. look at the replay. his cleat clearly touched his glove. they used their challenge earlier in a mishap. oh bruce. it is only game two. the giants down 5-4 and juan perez strikes out with a tieing run on second. that's your ballgame. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. how about bruce bochy? oh! >> thank you, larry. we will be bac
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showers in the morning? >> yes, very early. >> that's our report. for sandhya, larry, carolyn and all of us here, i'm dan
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ashley. right now on jimmy kimmle, david due >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- david duchovny, from "the walking dead" danai gurira, dancing with the stars' amy purdy and comedian pete davidson. with cleto and the cletones. and now,here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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